Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Aarhus and me

Aarhus is a city I feel safe being in.
If I faint, I'm very sure, that there will be some people who will try to help me.
Aarhus is a city where I know that if I need any help, there will be people who will try to help me.

A cold day, I walked in Aarhus at around 2 pm. In front of me, there was a very unlucky guy sitting on the street begging. A guy walking in front of me, suddenly stopped and gave his lunch and drink to the unlucky guy, and told him what was in the lunchbox.

It is always touching when people help unfortunate people.

P.S: Aarhus is going to be European Culture Capital in 2017.


  1. What a wonderful city it must be. Lucky to read your words.

    And your small project with tea, I became happy only to see you doing it.

    Happy November!

  2. Your words made me happy for many days, thank you so much.