Wednesday, 3 October 2012

In a bubble

I prepared some " Dear stranger, tea for a day" and wanted to put them up in the city, but I was too busy doing other things, where after I just felt like going home to my lovely kitties. It is my responsibility to make sure, that they have entertainment.

I want to share this little thought from my love, who always support me.
"living in your own bubble is the closest to your reality as you can get. Everything you understand as reality is filtered through your conscious and unconscious, and therefore will never be the real reality, but if you live in your own bubble, at least the reality you are living in, is only filtered once.Living in your own bubble doesn't mean enclosing yourself, it just means understanding that your understanding of reality is the closest to your personality. Also living in your own bubble doesn't mean that you don't learn from others, it actually means that you are able to reflect in others, as your reality is part of your personality."

 Song for today: All you need is love

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