Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dear Not So Stranger - Mr.10Kr

I have been carrying a duck cup, which I have made, to the local market for three Saturdays in a row. The reason is, that I want to give it to a very nice guy who I call Mr. 10kr. He normally sells vegetables in market, but he wasn't there for three weeks, and so we started to get worried about him. Finally the third week, his brother in law was there, and told us, that Mr. 10kr had caught the flue.
Yesterday, after three weeks sick, he was there again, and he told us, that he is getting better. I gave the cup to him, and he was very happy about it. He said, that he will tell his wife that it is from an admirer. The cup is not perfect I'm sure, but he liked it anyway, which is what counts.

Mr.10kr sells his home grown vegetables in the market every Saturday and Wednesday. He once told us, all his vegetables are grown naturally, and that he pick them very early in the morning, before he drive to sell them. In this way, he can be sure, that they are fresh, he said.
We got to talk to him, because we love to try new vegetables that we have never tried before. So sometimes we ask him about his vegetables, and he always answers politely.
With time, we have gotten to know him, and he sometimes gives us discount, and sometimes saves vegetables for us to try or because they are almost sold out, and he know we normally come to buy some. Mostly the bunch of vegetables he save for us, are bigger than any of the once left on his table. I noticed that. During this summer, he grew some really huge beetroots, and I could see, that he was very excited about it. He asked us if we wanted one, so that we could try how they taste. We asked him what one of those monsters would cost, and he said, it costs a report about how it tastes, and then his face lid up with a wonderful smile.

In the beginning of summer, a cat came to our home, and gave birth to 5 kitties.
I want my kitties have a good owner, so Mr,10kr was one of my targets for the kitties. And so we asked him, but he told us, that he can't have cats, because he have chickens that run around freely, from they are very small, and he think the cats would hurt them.
He have a small farm, where he have some space for growing vegetables for himself, and if there's enough then he sells the rest. Most of the space on his farm, is wild land, where there's space for whatever animals who want to live there, which is amazing. 30 years ago, he planted his own forest, and he harvest the fruits now, by having his own small private forest to walk around in. He once told us, that if he feel blue one day, then he will take a walk in his forest, and after that he will feel fine again.

Mr.10Kr is a very inspiring person. He is very much down to earth. His family, grand-daughter often come to help him out in the vegetable stand.
With tight family connections like in the old days in Denmark. 
With a heart for nature, like the root of human being.

I thought I would just get some vegetables, but I think I get much more than that.

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