Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A time for change

Today is a very special day, my love told me that. He said for the first time in about 26.000 years, six of the planets are aligned with the sun. The Mayans knew this, so how cleaver were the Mayan people?

Today is also a new cycle start according to the Mayan calendar. They believe this is a time for change, (hopefully for the better).
I like this meaning very much. For the coming year, I will start to do something new, and I hope it will be good.
I want more harmony inside and around me, so I will keep doing the things I feel peaceful doing. Also I want to create surroundings with love and care (I try!).

The coming year, I will keep a record of the food we cook, because I tend to forget how we prepare it, so it is a good thing, that we have a website to record it. This is the way I see that website now.
I love good food a lot, so we made a lot of cookies and some oat balls as snacks.
My love said to me that he used to make oat balls in kinder-garden, and that the best thing about it was that he got dirty fingers and that he could just ate it while making it. It sounds like he had a lot of fun, so I wanted to make some too, because I didn't try this in kind-garden. Now I tried, and it is fun and easy. Very easy.

If you are interested in what a little little boy love to do in Christmas in Denmark, you can read about it here.
These oat balls are a low fat version, and if you want to make some yourself, you can find out the very simple recipe here.

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  1. i've discovered your blog and project "dear stranger" tonight. I think it is an amazing project. i would love to find some of your little gift in my bicycle. if only i had a bicycle! i should start something similar here...i once thought in a project but it was complicated to set up. maybe this year it could be possible. thanks for the inspiration and continue to spread love!