Saturday, 1 December 2012

Home made cookies for you

December is for me, joy together and sharing with each other.

To create a spite of joy, I thought; why not make some small packages with some cookies and a bag of tea, and give them to others.
So we baked some traditional Danish cookies last Friday, and we gave them away this Saturday. It is very fresh cookies.
Just so you know, if you got one of the little packages, we used flour, cane sugar, butter and vanilla, and all the ingredients are organic.( I know it doesn't sound healthy with all that butter and sugar, but once a year I think it is okay..:) )

*I finally give a little package to a postman. He got happy and so we are happy too.
I am a fan of postman. I often think, that they are passing through our everyday life, without being noticed nowadays. I also often think about what they would love to hand out to people?
When I see a postman riding his or hers bike in winter on a cold day with all the letters hanging in bags all around the bicycle, I want to say; 'mange mange tak' to them.:)


  1. do you provide link to this blog on the tag attached to the cookies/ tea bag?

  2. No, lala.
    But there's the facebook page address on the card, so that people will not be afraid of the little package when they get it. In case they want to know where it comes from.
    I don't expect any comments, but I am happy doing this.

  3. that is very adorable, and lovely. I want to make someone's day too - gifts which have no strings attached!

  4. Thank you for your nice words.
    I thought about if I should let people who get my little gift know what the idea behind it is, and I decided yes, I would like that. Do you sometimes have the feeling that society is getting cold? I do, but every time I feel sad about it, people appear, who cheer me up again. These people are doing great things for others and also some of them make a little difference in other peoples daily life's. That's inspiring to me. The thing I am doing is not a big thing, I know that, but I feel happy about it and hopefully, it cheers people up a little bit on a blue day.