Monday, 3 December 2012

Snowing day

It is snowing here!
I jumped out of bed when I looked out the window and saw little snowflakes falling from the sky.
I heard that every snowflake is different, how amazing is that.
With too little clothing on, I ran out with my kitties (I'm sick anyway). I was super excited being with them outside in the snow.
The kitties were very excited, jumping up against each other, and running as fast as a bunny, smelling the snow, and sometimes they tried to catching it as it fell to the ground. I could hardly capture the kitties.
It is my kitties first snow day, it was amazing.

Being in the forest on a snow day is just so different, it is silent and absolutely beautiful.
Finding and picking pine cones and sticks for decoration. I made a simple decoration when we came home, and hang it on the wall. I like the forest feeling.

After a long walk, we made a rooibos tea and enjoyed some homemade cookies.

How can I ask for more than that?

This keeps my spirit up. I would love to send him cookies, but I tried to find his address but can't find it.
One day, I will find it and then I will write him a lovely letter.

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