Saturday, 15 December 2012

Til dig

Yesterday, we baked a big bunch of Danish brown cookies. We packed some of them, to give to the people who sell vegetables at the local market. They sell vegetables with a warm heart, I can't remember how many free vegetables I gotten from different stands and how many apples they have given me to try, so they deserve something sweet in return. Also, we packed a few cookies for "Dear stranger"

When I gave the brown cookies to the market people today, they all looked surprised and happy (I think), and it makes me very happy too. It is such a tiny thing giving these, our home made brown cookies, but it has the power to make people and myself feel happy. Is it strange?

Recently, I have been think if I should keep writing about what I do in "Dear stranger" and I thought about if I should let people who get my little gift know what the idea behind it is. I decided yes, I would like that. Do you sometimes have the feeling that society is getting cold? I do, but every time I feel sad about it, people appear, who cheer me up again. These people are doing great things for others and also some of them make a little difference in other peoples daily life's. That's inspiring to me. The thing I am doing, is not a big thing( very tiny), I know that, but I feel happy about it and hopefully, it cheers up some people a little bit on a blue day.

By the way, here is the danish brown cookies recipe,  if you are interest on baking some yourself. 

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