Saturday, 12 January 2013

A give away from Japan to Denmark...

A few years ago, I discovery a life style magazine from Japan called "天然生活". I like the magazine because it has some real stories about some Japanese people who live close to nature. I like the harmony, it caught my heart. Because of HiKI's bolg +UGUiSU, I found out about this magazine.

Luckily, I won the "give away" from Hiki, and she send it all the way from Japan to Denmark.
It is a very pretty and inspiring package. I packed some tea using some of the paper envelops from Hiki and put them on a few peoples bicycles.

I hand wrote the little note for the "Dear stranger..." package, because Hiki hand wrote on the package to me. It made me want to hold a pen and write to others.

It is nice that that good things pass between people.


  1. Ha! It's so lovely to see this!! I really love what you do Grace! :)

  2. oh you are the sweetest person ever!!! how nice of you to do this!
    I sometimes leave little encouraging notes!
    WOuld love to find a package as lovely as yours on my bike ^_ ^

  3. How beautiful! If only we could all take time out of our busy days and do such thoughtful things for strangers. What a lovely world it would be...

  4. Gorgeous!! I love this idea! Share tea and time for themselve!