Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Some garlic in the first day of the year

I started my first day of the year doing some planting. It is time for planing garlic in Denmark, and if there's not too much rain, then we hopefully will get some very good fresh garlic in Spring.

Planting garlic made me think about long time ago, when New Year had a special meaning in peoples life's. In some cultures and calenders, New Year is celebrated in the darker end of the year, gathering people with blessing and good food to cheer the days up. In others it is celebrated with the beginning of new life coming out Spring. People are starting to plant new food for the rest of the year, hoping for good weather to bring them a good harvest. The celebration of the New Year is connected with nature and the way people live.

 I start to appreciate New Year in my own way, the thought is very special and beautiful to me. It is a time, for forgiveness both towards our self and others. We search for connections again, both inside and outside, to fill the hole deep inside our hearts.

Wishing for better times is a big part of New Year, both for our self's and others, even strangers. Beautiful isn't it? People wishing for peace, and better life's for others they don't even know.

I keep my wishes in my heart and hopes for all of you to have a good year.

* We have been watching "Why Poverty", a very well made program. It worth to watch and think about the issue. I specially like this " Land Rush" program. It is happening to many people in "developing/ underdeveloped" countries. (I don't like the words "developing-countries" or "underdeveloped-countries" , it always refers to western values, totally ignoring values from other parts of the world. The Western values being forced on others create huge problems like hunger!) I think the African family in the program is rich in their own way. They have their own land, their own trees so they have nuts and fruits, and they have chickens and goats running around freely, older people relaxing on wooden chairs while their grandchildren are running around playing. This is harmony.

We might think that we are free in the West, but people living like this, have a freedom we don't have. They have the freedom to be close to family and nature anytime they wish, without having to think about fitting it into holidays or weekends, and they have the freedom and gift of being able to raise their kids with attention and care close to nature, not having to substitute contact with artificial entertainment. I think that is worth more than money and Western development and growth. True development and growth has to start with people and nature, not with money and consumption.*

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