Friday, 15 February 2013

Many thanks

Many thanks for your kind words. All of you who wrote such nice words brought a warm smile to my heart. I just make tiny tiny tiny little gifts for strangers, it is not a big thing, but I hope it makes some peoples day a little happier.

For a while I have been doing other things, so not much has been happening on "Dear stranger", but I am coming back, with good tea for a "Dear stranger" to enjoy.

This morning, I was planing to buy some tea for the project, as almost all the tea for "Dear stranger" has been used. I don't buy tea in tea bags for myself, as I prefer tea leafs, but I don't think people want it this way as a gift. I think they prefer to get tea in tea bags as gifts, but if I am wrong, please let me know.

Before I went to buy tea today, a postman came with a big package from my sister, and inside the package there were lots of tea!
My sister have been in Korean and she bought me some Korean tea. I think it is good timing, now I have some special tea for "Dear stranger".

The brown and creamy colored tea bags are "grapefruit ginseng tea"
The bright yellow tea bags are " Sulloc brown rice green tea"

Have a nice weekend:)

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