Thursday, 21 March 2013

Being honest

To be honest, is the best way to treat yourself, right? If so, I have to say what I feel. I feel sad about this way too long winter. I miss new life coming out from the ground, and I miss blooming flowers, and I hate having to close the door and windows most of the time...I hate wearing a lot of clothing and look like a teddy bear. I miss tropical fruits.

Hate is maybe too big a word, I have learned. I probably can put my focus on doing other things and just hope that spring comes soon and that there will be a good and long summer.

I bought a new tea for "Dear stranger" and made myself a cup, and it tasted strong by very nice. I have read that cardamom and cinnamon are good for cheering you up. I hope you like it, and feel better with a cup of Yogi tea.

* ( the plant looks like a cactus but actually it is a dragon fruit plant, that we planted about a years ago, from seed. )
*( Wikipedia is a beautiful idea, knowledge should be free for everybody. I use it a lot, but they need help now. If you have 50DKK or more please donate to them to keep the beautiful idea alive.)

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