Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lagkage, Smørbrød

Lagkage is danish cake for birthdays, but you will hardly find it available in any bakery or supermarket. Everyone I know make their own.
This is my first time making the sponge cake layer by my self. In the lagkage, I skipped adding yellow cake cream. With not much fruit in season, I bought a box of organic blueberries, which is imported from South African. To be honest, the blueberries doesn't have much taste. Good quality food is a combination of  growing it naturally, season, climate and how far from where you live is has to be transported. 
Even tough, the lagkage tastes very good and fresh, I look forward to summer, where I want to have a strawberry lagkage.

This vegetables on bread is inspired by the danish smørbrød, and it tastes very nice. All the vegetables are from a market near where we live. There they have many organic choices. The organic avocado is from Spain, and they are so creamy. I love it.

* Smørbrød is a Danish traditional severing. It is normally vegetables and cold meat served on a dark bread called rugbrød, and most people here love it. There is many ways to combine the vegetables and meats on top of the bread, but some combinations have been so popular over time, that they have their own name. If you go to a gathering with danish people, and they want something special to eat together, there is a good chance, it will be smørbrød. If you are danish and you don't like smørbrød, there is not much understanding from others.

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