Tuesday, 5 March 2013

You are beautiful, and so am I...

Sunshine stays with us, which makes me want to stay outside to enjoy the sun shining on my head with my kitties. They have a much better understanding of how to enjoy life than me.

We had a very nice open sandwich for lunch with organic vegetables and free land eggs (which we bought from a farm near our home). The soul of the sandwich is of course the sauce, which I made up. I'm sure the sauce is both healthy and tasty. Two big men loved it. Besides that we had red bean with ice cream, that I made.

My mind and body tells me to eat more vegetables, and I love vegetables, so I will explore more ways to enjoy them.

Kitties are so content. I love looking at them.
I wonder why "animals" can be content just existing, but we can't. We tend to need to put a lot of titles on our self before we can feel good, and we tend to judge others by those titles as well. If one day, we take off all the fancy wrapping we put on our self, who are we? Can we feel good about our self just because we exist? Can we feel good about a stranger just because they exist?
I said to B today, that he is beautiful, because he exist.
Dear stranger, you are beautiful too.

As you can see on my picture below, garlic is coming up in our garden. Soon we will have some fresh garlic to enjoy.

Have a very nice day.

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