Monday, 29 April 2013

Good morning monday

Flowers blooming, new life coming.
A moment of peace and quiet, making and eating lunch, looking at my lovely kitties.

The pretty Easter flowers was a gift from an old lady at the vegetable market. She kindly put them in my hand.
She normally sells seasonal fruits which grow naturally at her cottage. Before the fruits comes, she sells some flowers, but not much. After she have sold all her fruits in the beginning of winter, she will not be at the market until next years spring comes.  Her stand has a very harmonic feel about it. Her grand kids and family are sometimes there as well, working with her. Her flowers and fruits are local, seasonal and natural.

I look forward to getting her plumbs. Eat them as they are, or maybe make a tart.

* By the way, there is an organization called" Green Monday". They hope people will be willing to take baby steps to eat more vegetables and less meat, so every Monday is a vegetarian day. This is both good for other living beings and for our self. *

Have a good week day.


  1. Beautiful post :)

    your cats are adorable and flowers are such a pleasure to the eyes!

    I am fortunate enough to come from a family that still owns a piece of land and provide me with greats fresh vegetables every week*

  2. you are so lucky to have such a family and have fresh home grow vegetables every week.
    I dreamed about that one day, I will have a cottage in South Europe, so I can have homegrown fruits and vegetables, and have some chickens so I can have some fresh eggs everyday......:)
    But before that, I buy vegetables from people who respect and care about the environment.

  3. Hey wanna ask you something. How can I contact you?