Sunday, 14 April 2013

We are all humans

In the small city Løsning in Denmark, everybody has gone together to support a family from Kosovo that stands to be forced out of the country in a few days. The families three kids have no significant relation to the country their parents came from, and have lived all their lives in Denmark, but still the danish foreign ministry stands by the verdict to send the family back to Kosovo.

The families friends in the small city in which they live, and their kids have grown up in, have gone together to raise attention about the affair, and hope, by collecting signatures and catching the ears of the rest of the country, that somebody with the power to do something about this, will actually do something about this.

Politics is worthless if it can't contain and consider the individual, but only manages to act on averages.

Unfortunately this kind of thing happens quit often, but I hope that the family can stay.

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