Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A piece of my little little garden

Doing gardening my own way, makes me feel peaceful inside. I'm not the kind of person who like to keep the garden orderly. I don't like to cut grass often, we always do it in the last moment.

Spring and summer are very nice, I never get tired of them.

Forget me not -pink

African blue basil


Chili/ pepper                                                                      Eggplant

Who don't like peas?

Forget me not. Blue, white and yellow - inspire my hand made work.


  1. you have a lovely garden! I don't really keep my garden orderly either. I just pull he weeds.
    I like everything to grow a little wild. : )

  2. :) but my garden is very tiny.
    Could you post more your cat pictures on you blog please?:)

  3. i love forget me not's <3 i always send my friends living abroad seeds from this flowers!