Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I have been very busy for a while, I can feel that I need a long break.

I like to treat myself with something nice to drink, when I'm working on something.
A girl who is helping selling vegetables in one of the vegetable stands from Samsø, kindly gave me a bottle of homemade fresh danish apple juice. I often see her with a sweet smile, we say hi every time, and end with a "hav en  god weekend" , which means have a good weekend in Danish. She is very nice, once she gave me oranges, and sometimes an apple.

I drink the apple juice with a few pieces of ginger, a piece of lemon, my own home grown Moroccan mint and bubble water. I let the drink rest for about ten minutes so it gets a mild ginger taste. This is nice to drink on a warm summer day.

* Samsø is a very clean island near Aarhus in Denmark. People grown vegetables there without pesticides, even their don't have the organic sign. *

I am growing Moroccan mint and Pepper Mints. Do they look happy and healthy?


  1. they do look lovely...
    and your apple juice combo sounds wonderful...i will need to try it in the warm days ahead.....and your moomin glass....oh it makes me smile so :)

    1. I hope you like the taste of the drink:)
      Your words make me smile too:)

  2. I have to try your drink, the description is wonderful :)

    Your plants seem very,very happy*

    Have a great week!

    1. oh,and i already left a comment with my e-mail so we can exchange adress and tea!

    2. Didn't you get my email? I sent it few days ago........

    3. Let me resent the email:)