Friday, 3 May 2013

New tea for you

A summer day. I enjoy the Sun in my tiny garden and I planted some vegetables and mints. My kitties don't settle with my tiny garden, they have all our neighborhoods gardens as well. Cat/ animals are smart, they will not limit themselves. One day, I saw mini (the black and white one) walking in to our neighbor's house. I just hope that she will not bring any trouble to others.

I bought a lot of organic tea both for myself and for "Dear stranger". I love their spicy taste.
I picked some without green/black tea so that me or "Dear stranger"  can drink it in the evening.
The yoga teas are on sale in a supermarket called Netto, so if you are in Denmark and you like yoga tea, you can check it out.

I'm going to try the Mexican spice tea in the evening.

Have a good weekend.


  1. My cats in my parents house do the same,they love to stretch their territory and be adventuress into the neighbor's backyards :)
    the ones i have here in Porto have a terrace and a roof they share with pigeons and seagulls - they love to there,sleeping in the sunlight!
    I must say my favorite tea is green tea from Azores,i drink it everyday along with maybe (just maybe) too many coffee,ahha

    Have a great weekend*

  2. My cat mini is very nosy.Every times I do something she will come to check it out:)
    Your cat is very lovey, but yes, I don't know any cats that are not lovely.

    I love green tea, but I have never try and hear about green tea from Azores. I was very curious so I searched about green tea from Azores, and I found some information about it.
    Oh, I will try to get some if I can.
    Have a good day:)

    1. If you want i can send you some,just send me your adress :)

    2. I would love too:)
      Do you want to exchange some tea with me?
      And do you mind giving your email to me, so we can exchange address?

    3. My e-mail is, sorry for the delay, i was sure i had left an answer here before but blogger sometimes goes crazy and 'eats' comments :)

      looking forward to our tea exchange*