Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spring and plum tree

I love spring and summer. Plum tree flowers are everywhere, they are so pretty and smell fantastic. I love looking at them against the blue sky.
I was one day older, eating a Cheese cake baked by B. Maybe it would be nice to get a small cafe with a garden, books and cats, when we get old, or maybe it would be a lot of work.

Everyone have their own rhythm in living. At this moment, I am living by my own rhythm, enjoying peace inside and small daily things.


  1. Oh! I see Little My on that glass!
    I wish Moomin characters were on my dishes. (:
    And I always daydream about owning an outdoor cafe with cats roaming about.
    But I know it would be very stressful!

    1. You like Moomin too? I have always loved to watch Moomin catoon.

  2. Spring and summer are a boost of energy :)
    hope you are having a great week*