Friday, 14 June 2013

My Garden on my plate

I enjoy to grow vegetables as much as I enjoy picking them and put them on my plate.
Herbs play a big part in my cooking. I love to sprinkle different kinds of herbs on my dishes. After summer, there will have less herbs to choose from, and I can live without it for a while, but it makes life a bit less colorful. That's why I really enjoy Spring and summer.

I wrote down the recipe of this vegetables, egg, and herbs fried with rice noodle here. For people's who love noodle like me :)



See, a hedgehawk came to visit my little garden:)
Hedgehawks are really cute. When I got close to him/her, he/she just played dead.

Mini is a flower cat. You might not believe it, but she sometimes picks a flower and brings it home for me. She seems very proud of that. Mini is a strange cat in a very lovely way:)


  1. Hi dear stranger!
    Your rice looks yummy, i'll check the recipe although here, in Argentina, is autumn (should I say winter).
    The hedgehog is so cute... and your "flower cat" too!
    It`s nice to hear about you!
    Have a really nice weekend

    1. Hej dear stranger,

      Today is mid-summer day here, but it is rain and little bit cool but I have a glass of elderflower bubble water on hand right now, tastes like summer:)
      Summer is Denmark is gold.

  2. Awww your cat is too cute! :3
    And I love your idea of giving away tea packets to strangers :) I'm thinking maybe I should do something similar here in Finland too to make people smile :)

    1. Hello Nina,
      It seems you like Moomin too:)

  3. *love* your photos so beautiful! Eating food from your garden is one of life's little pleasures :)

    1. Hello, yes it is like a little pleasure:)

  4. Beautiful litlle garden! I love herbs, plants and flowers too. I have my herbs in my kitchen window!
    Beautiful pictures, love your blog!

  5. must try your recipe really soon :)

    Mini is sweet <3

    my cats just eat the flowers away ,ahaah

    ps. the post office were on strike in portugal last week i think you package must be on it's way still!

    1. Hej, I will go to developed few roll of film this week. It will take about 2 week to get the film here because the shop send the roll to Germany ><
      I look forward to seeing my film.
      Between, I have to say it again, I love your pictures:)