Monday, 26 August 2013

We are here

It has been a while since my last post. We are fine, enjoying what we have ( sunshine, fresh fruit and vegetables...).
Last week, Mini was injured under one of her feet by a big black cat, and wasn't able to walk normally. Mini is a cat who never frights, if another cat wants to fright her, she will just run back home. It was very hard to see Mini laying down for a few days and feeling sad. Cats do not have facial expressions in the same way as humans, but somehow you can see on cats face if it is sad.
You don't have to worry about Mini, she is fine now, running around and climbing trees as well. Being a happy kitty again, just like before.

"Dear stranger, tea for a tea" has not had much happening lately. But I have collected some beautiful packing paper and good tea for the project. Soon "Dear stranger" little packages will be on people's bicycles again.

* Sorry I have not send you the little bird house yet, when I get them done, I will send it as soon as possible.
* I found two white chairs in a charity shop, and those chairs are made in Denmark. I'm very happy with them.


  1. oh Mini! What a scary thing to happen, so glad she is ok now. (-:
    I would be very sad if something happened to my kitty.
    I look forward to see new Dear Stranger packages. And that chair look cozy. good find!

    1. Thank you for caring mini:)
      She is fine and very happy now:)

  2. Aww I'm glad Mini is alright and I love that she is a lover not a fighter!!

    1. hehe....Hope she will learn how to protect herself:)

  3. A hug from Portugal to Mini <3

    Glad you are back,missed your posts :) those chairs*