Sunday, 25 October 2015

How are you?

Dear Stranger,

How are you ? I hope you are doing fine.
It have been a long long time since I have post anything here. Many things has happened since last time, but now it is time to start again.

I have been missing doing something purely to put a smile on people's faces. When I am creating something nice to others (I hope it is nice :) ) I feel a wave of new energy and happy feelings.

I have been missing doing this project and I don't want to wait any longer to start again. This time, I think it would be nice if the content of the small packages is a little bit different than just tea like before, so I went around to look for some small things to fit the purpose. This was not easy, I can tell you that. I ended up walking around one shop for more than half an hour; walking back and forth but just got very few things. Besides these few things, I packed some of the ceramic bird brooch's I have made, which I hope people will like. 

( By the way, the " Dear stranger " project is on Instagram now. If you like this project you can follow @dear_stranger_project )

Here are some pictures for the people who wonder how is my kitties are doing. The pictures will reveal that Mini has become quite big and that they both have grow a lot since the last picture I posted on this blog. The more important thing is, I think they are still very happy kitties :)


  1. Oh wow - such lucky strangers your bird brooches are so adorable and so are the-not-so-little kittens!!

    1. yes, my cats are not little kitties anymore.... :), they are big .