Monday, 2 November 2015

"Dear stranger" project

Hello Strangers,

How are you ? I hope you had a good weekend.

It is getting dark earlier and earlier here in Denmark, and the weather is mostly grey. So I have been eating more chocolate ( maybe just eating more in general ) and drinking a lot of hot tea lately. I have been focusing what I have to get done recently and take action instead of that kind of worrying thinking. Because worrying doesn't help anything, it just takes away our energy. I am happy about this little change in my mind.

Now, I am going to get some fresh air and follow my kitties out.

Hope you have have good weekdays, take good care until next time :)


  1. I allways aquate my day on what have accomplished, but it does drag you down when all you woke up to dont get done. Like you I need to stop worrying and enjoy life x

  2. :) i need to remind myself that worries don't help nobody!

    your packages are always so lovely!